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Did you know that over 150,000 people die every day?

The counter above shows the estimated average number of people who have died since this counter was opened.

Our goal is to spread the biblical gospel of Christ, one of sin, judgment, repentance, and forgiveness, to our “mission field” of the Piedmont Triad, and to help other Christians gain a zeal and a passion for the fate of the lost. Please visit our recommended sites: The Way of the Master, Fish With Trish, Living Waters, Triad Baptist Church, and Gospel Light Baptist Church. Links can be found to the left.
Tell the Triad Members
Tell the Triad outreach group.

Jeremy Ray Comfort Jonathan

Jeremy and Jonathan with Ray Comfort at the "Transformed" conference in Charleston, SC. - 2008


Jeremy Kate Flannery

Jeremy in NYC witnessing to Kate Flannery from NBC's, "The Office." She took a Million Dollar Bill tract!

Jeremy Rachel Dratch

Jeremy in NYC witnessing to Rachel Dratch from "Saturday Night Live." She took a Million Dollar Bill tract with her!


Jeff in St. Vincent

Jeff in St. Vincent witnessing to a local.

Kids in St Vincent with tracts provided by tellthetriad

Kids in St. Vincent with tracts provided by Tell the Triad.

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